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Note that the Teldas Helpdesk (outsourced to Swisscom) is available only to companies having signed a User Contract with Teldas. For these companies, users "logged in" on the Teldas Homepage can consult the "Teldas Helpdesk" contact details here:

How to become a User

1)    Order an NPRN from OFCOM in case:

  • you have your own number blocs ordered at OFCOM (and you want to port-in numbers from other operators)
  • you want to take in service INA numbers

else a dummy NPRN allocated by Teldas Helpdesk will be sufficient

2)    Sign the appropriate Teldas User contract and send 2 signed copies to the Teldas Managing Director. In addition, fill in Appendix 1 and send a copy per e-mail to info(at)

  • User Contract INA (query service + possibility to manage INA numbers), 
  • User Contract ONP (query service + possibility to port-in and out numbers),
  • User Contract ONP Supplementary (in case of data access for Third Party routing access). Note that this contract must be signed in addition to the standard User Contract ONP

3)    E-Mail addresses to receive notifications from INet

Open internal e-mail addresses to receive automated notifications from INet.  Example:, where 98xxx corresponds to your NPRN.

4) WS in case you want to automate your processes

You must create a WS user account once you have received your Web GUI credentials. Use the document WS INet Web Service API User Guide to set-up your automated interface.