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Note that the Teldas Helpdesk (outsourced to Swisscom) is available only to companies having signed a User Contract with Teldas. For these companies, users "logged in" on the Teldas Homepage can consult the "Teldas Helpdesk" contact details here:

How to become a User

1)    Order an NPRN from OFCOM in case:

  • you have your own number blocs ordered at OFCOM (and you want to port-in numbers from other operators)
  • you want to take in service INA numbers

else a dummy NPRN allocated by Teldas Helpdesk will be sufficient

2)    Sign the appropriate Teldas User contract and send 2 signed copies to the Teldas Managing Director. In addition, fill in Appendix 1 and send a copy per e-mail to info(at)

  • User Contract INA (query service + possibility to manage INA numbers), 
  • User Contract INA File Transfer (only access to the file transfer function to download the XDR files)
  • User Contract ONP (query service + possibility to port-in and out numbers),
  • User Contract ONP Supplementary (in case of data access for Third Party routing access). Note that this contract must be signed in addition to the standard User Contract ONP
  • User Contract VTA (access to the VTA files). Note that in this case you need to have an official CSC Code allocated by Ofcom (=CDP-Id).

3)    E-Mail addresses to receive notifications from INet

Open internal e-mail addresses such as described in the General User Manual (GUM) for the INet-Server. Example:, where 98xxx corresponds to your NPRN.

Note that you must install .pgp on the Mailbox "event" to be able to read the e-mails that will be sent by INet-Server with the CLSN List (codes for the access to the INet Server). Or you don't install pgp and use SSH to retrieve the CLSN lists.

4) SSH in case you want to automate your processes

You must install SSH to be able to access to the file transfer interface. Your public SSH key must be sent to the Helpdesk once your INet account is opened.