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Teldas Homepage Tipps


Why a User Login on and how to obtain it?

A user login on teldas homepage allows you to :

·       download some user protected documents (documents with the mention "user")

·       register to e-mail notifications when some important documents have been updated

·       register to e-mail notifications when change requests (CR), problem requests (PR) or IT Breakdowns (ITBd) are raised or commented.

·       Register to mailing lists for the various working groups and be able to read the meeting relevant information (minutes, etc.).

·       Consult contact data (participants of the different working groups, main contact information of other Teldas Users).

·       Note that you can at any time change your user profile once the user profile has been activated by your supervisor (go under "My Profile":


You must go under "New Account"? (


You must fill in the various fields, choose the company to which you are attached, choose the various working groups to which you want to register (implication: your e-mail address is automatically included in the mailing list) and finally choose the e-mail notifications to which you want to subscribe.

Note that in case you would need "poweruser" rights, you should specify so under "type of user profile required".

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Once you have saved your data, you will come to following confirmation screen and you must now wait until one of the Supervisors of your company has activated your account.


What are the tasks of a Poweruser?

The Poweruser has the same rights as a User, with additionally the possibility to manage CR/PR/ITBd.

For Change Requests (CR) :

For Problem Reports (PR):

For IT Breakdowns (ITBd):

Post a new CR/PR/ITBd:

Click under "New" to open a new CR/PR/ITBd Form which appears when creating a new CR/PR/ITB. Once you have filled in the various fields and saved the form, it will automatically appear in the list of open CR/PR/ITBd. An e-mail notification is also automatically sent to all persons having registered to this service.


Comment or Close a CR/PR/ITB:

Go directly into a specific CR/PR/ITBd in order to comment or close it form which appears to comment/close / cancel it.


To close a PR/CR/ITBd (only possible if you have opened it yourself), you need to select "close" or "cancel" in the status scroll down menu. The CR/PR/ITBd will automatically be moved to the list of closed CR/PR/ITBd.

What are the tasks of a Supervisor?

The Supervisor has the same rights as a Poweruser, with additionally the possibility to manage its own company data (including company contacts), as well as managing the access of the users of its own company.

The Supervisors are the only ones allowed to contact the Teldas Helpdesk (HP Helpdesk).

Managing  own company data

Go under the menu Contacts / Users: And click on the name of your own company. You must then click on "enter edit mode" and then you can change all the fields where a pencil appears in front of the field.

If you need to change another field, you must send an e-mail to the Teldas Manager or Teldas Webmaster.


Managing User activations / deletion

Go under the menu Contacts / Users: And click under the name of your own company.

·       To delete one of your company registered persons:  You must click on "enter edit mode" and then you can delete a person from the "list of registered persons" by clicking on the "bin picture". Note that the supervisors are responsible to clean-up regularly user accounts for persons not anymore active on the Teldas services.

·       To activate a person having asked for a user / poweruser account: you must choose the appropriate user "type" and then click on the "save picture" appearing in front of this person. Note that all supervisors of your company will receive an e-mail notification every time there is a pending request from a user. Supervisors are responsible for the activation of new users or for refusing activation requests when they don't know the person having made the request.

·        Activations of other user types (member, vendor, admin) must go through the Teldas Webmaster or Teldas Manager, via a request per E-Mail.



Meeting Module - how to register to a Working Group?

Instructions how to register to a Working Group

  • Tick the Working Group to which you want to register. This implies that you automatically receive all e-mails sent to the concerned Mailing List.


Instructions how to participate to Working Group Meetings

  • It is possible to register to meetings by ticking on "participate yes no".  When you are logged in next time, the choices done are remembered and can be changed at any time.
  • It is also possible to book the meeting into your Outlook calendar by clicking on the "ICS" icon.


Instructions how to find Meeting Documentation:

  • Go under the menu Projects / Meetings and chose the meeting you are interested in from the available sub-menus

  • Meeting information is sub-divided into two distinct categories: "next meetings"(dates in the future) and "minutes" (meetings with dates in the past).
  • You need just to click on the meeting line you are interested in to unfold the list of available documents for this particular meeting. There are usually two types of documents: documents relating to the agenda and documents related to the meeting minutes.


Instructions for the Chairman of a Working Group:

The Chairman sees additional menus ("Add/modify Minutes" and "Add/modify Next Meetings") and can announce new meetings, add documents, etc . by clicking on "click to enter edit mode".


Search Function

Search a Contact

You have several possibilities to search through contact information:

  1. Quick search via the button C. In the horizontal menu bar type the person’s name and surname and press the “C” button: You will find the phone number, E-Mail and Contact Type(s) of this person, as well as the company/NPRN to which he/she belongs. Note that you can also enter the NPRN or the company name and you will find a list of all contact persons registered under this company/NPRN. Screenshot
  2. Under the Menu Contacts / Users, you can click on the contact type you are interested in Screenshot
  3. Under the Menu Contacts / Users, you can sort the list of users by Company or by NPRN. Then you can click on the company (or NPRN) you are interested in and you will find all the company's contact information for this specific company. Note that for your own company, you see also the registered users of your company, with some information from their user profile (participation to working groups / type of user profile). This information is not available for other companies. Screenshot

Search a Document

  • Quick search through the document names: In the horizontal menu bare type one of the words contained in the document name and press the "D" button:




  • Search through the filter options by document owner, category, level... : Use the horizontal filter bar in the Document menu. Note that you can also sort the different document columns by clicking on the "column title", e.g. "date" field.




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