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What are the important documents for VTA?

Main documents:

  1. Overview VTA: quick start guide for users
  2. SSH File Transfer Detailed Technical Specifications VTA (describes the technical specification for using VTA Transfer on the INet-Server)
  3. User Contract  VTA (this contract covers only the VTA service)
  4. General User Manual (GUM) for the Inet-Server (describes the information that needs to be provided to the TELDAS Helpdesk to activate the services)

Other documents:

Where Can I find the VTA file?

The files are stored in the Login-directory of the TSP, that is under<TSP_ID>/ .The file must be retrieved using SSH. This is described under Paragraph  2.8.3 VTA and VXX File transfer of the Document Functional Specifications INA.

At what time can one download the VTA File?

The INet-Server polls in fixed time intervals the home directory of every VTA-TSP for new uploads (from Swisscom). Usually Swisscom puts the monthly files a few days after month end.

The VTA-TSP receives then the "ready notification" (e-mail setting to be ordered at the Helpdesk) and can download the file.

The VTA-TSP must acknowledge the receipt of the .vta file with an empty acknowledgement file type .vok (if file accepted) or .vno (if errors found in file).

In case of error, the VTA-TSP must send a vxx file with the error code, so that Swisscom can send a new corrected file.

In case the VTA-TSP doesn't download the file, the file gets removed from the INet-Server after a period of X months (system parameter AUTO_FILE_REMOVAL_AFTER_MONTHS).

It is to be noted that the INet-Server is not checking the content of the files, only the format (file name).

How to activate the VTA functionality?

The TSPs wanting to use VTA on the INet-Server must both have a contract with Swisscom (related to Carrier Preselection) and with TELDAS (either the User contract VTA or the User contract INA).

Once the contract with TELDAS has been signed, the activation of the VTA-Flag must be requested at the TELDAS Helpdesk and must mention the different CDP-ids (corresponding to the selected Carrier Selection Codes for VTA) and types (normally "national") which will be used for the VTA records.

Important also is to define at the TELDAS Helpdesk the e-mail settings for receiving notifications when files are ready for download or whether the other party has acknowledged a file or not:



VTA e-mail setting





Notification on receipt: VTA data file is ready for download


Non-delivery notification : uploaded VTA data file has not been acknowledged by the receiver within a period defined by the system parameter

It is also important to exchange SSH keys with the Helpdesk, so as to be able to retrieve the VTA Files from the specific Mailbox where it will be available for download via SSH.

More details can be found in the General User Manual (GUM) for the INet-Server.

Where can I find a field description of the VTA File ?

The fields are described in Swisscom Technical document under the chapter 4.3.2

What is VTA?

Swisscom has the obligation (as per Art. 50 of the Telecommunication services Ordinance) to offer the possibility to other telecommunication service providers to charge their preselected customers for the monthly connection charge.
Swisscom is offering this service through the INet-Server using the secured service of VTA File Transfer of charge data records. Swisscom uploads on the INet-Server for each TSP having subscribed to the service at Swisscom a monthly file containing the subscriber chargeable data. This file is sent at the beginning of each month.The "VTA-TSP" can then download the VTA file from the INet-Server in order to prepare a total bill for its subscribers including the basic access charge.

A quick start guide is also available here.