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Teldas History

Spring 1999Decision of Swiss Operators to install a common database (=INet-Server) to support the obligation of Operator Number Portability introduced by the Regulator (OFCOM) in Switzerland.
October 1999Founding of the association "Verein Nummernportabilität" by following seven founding members: Swisscom, Orange, diAx, MCI-WorldCom, multilink, Colt, sunrise.
March 2000Successful launch of Operator Number Portability in Switzerland based on the concept of the INet-Server (central database of ported numbers).
Automn 2000Decision of Swiss Operators to use the INet-Server to support the regulatory obligation of Individual Number Allocation for Service Numbers.
March 2001The association was renamed into "TSP Data Administration Assosciation" in order to support the new INA services as well. There are only six members of this new association due to the merger of diAx and sunrise: Swisscom, Orange, TDC Switzerland AG (merger diAx and sunrise), WorldCom, T-Systems Mulitilink, Colt. Twelve users are using the functionality of the INet-Server as well.
September 2001Successful launch of Individual Number Allocation based on the concept of the INet-Server (all INA numbers allocated by OFCOM have been migrated on the INet-Server).
April 2003The association has been transferred to a company with a new name, TelDaS GmbH, with registration in the trade register of Zurich on 23-04-2003, with Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, Orange Communications SA and Sunrise Communication AG as shareholders.