About us

Teldas offers to Swiss Telecommunication Service Providers the possibility to manage their Number Portability processes as well as to use the Teldas central database for a correct routing to Swiss ported numbers and INA numbers. Moreover, Service Providers wanting to take INA numbers in service can manage their INA numbers and tariffs through the Teldas central database platform.
First founded as an association ("Verein Nummerportabilität") in 1999 to support the introduction of Number Portability in Switzerland, it was migrated in 2003 into a company ("Teldas GmbH") to manage the increased complexity of services offered.  
The Teldas GmbH Shareholders are Salt Mobile SA, Sunrise Communications AG and Swisscom (Schweiz) AG.

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Teldas owns the Swiss Central Database of ported numbers and INA numbers, called INet-Server. The responsibility of Teldas is to ensure that the INet-Server is available at appropriate service levels for all telecommunication companies active on the Swiss market and that new features are introduced based on the market needs.

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Telecommunication Service providers can use the services offered by Teldas by contracting a User agreement with Teldas. In addition, the Users can actively participate to the evolution of services offered on the INet-Server platform by participation to the various industry working groups that work in close cooperation with Teldas.

The Teldas Users are companies active on the Swiss Telecommunication market. If you want to become a User, please consult our FAQ.