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Teldas Users

The users of the services offered by Teldas are Telecommunication Service providers active on the Swiss market or foreign operators wanting to use routing information for their routing of international traffic to Swiss numbers.

The actual status of the users having signed a contract with Teldas is available under Contacts.

Number Portability

The total amount of numbers in status "ported" on 31.12.2020 is 3.36 Mio (all connection types taken into consideration, except INA and DDI). Considering the fact that some numbers have ported from one operator to the other several times, this implies that much more portings have effectively been handled via the INet-Server.

In 2020, the amount of portings is 10% lower than 2019.

Amount of work orders per year and per connection type from 2006 until 2020:

Number Portability was first a mobile business, but became also an opportunity for the fixed operators from 2004, with an important increase in 2009 triggered by the unbundling of the local loop. Since then, the mobile portings are again taking more weight in the total. This is illustrated in the graph below.

Repartition of work-orders per connection type from 2000 until 2020:

Individual Number Allocation

The total amount of INA numbers in service on 31.12.2020 is 53'164, which presents a decreasing trend since 2003.

Following graph shows the evolution of the INA numbers in service since the launch of INA in 2001. As the definition of industry standard tariffs versus online has changed in November 2008, the graph also shows different definitions: from 2001 until 2008: "industry standards" versus "non-industry standards", whereas from 2009 on, it shows "online" versus "non-online".

Amount of INA numbers in service from 2001 until 2020 (status on 31.12) and per tariff category industry standard versus non-industry standard until 2008, online versus non-online from 2009 on:

The total amount of active tariffs on 31.12.2020 is 777, all tariff classes included. This amount is slightly decreasing since a few years. The following graph shows the yearly evolution of tariff classes per type.

Amount of active Tariffs in the INet-Server from 2001 to 2020, per tariff class category (status on the 31.12) :

The following graph shows the evolution per year of standard INA transactions on the INet-Server. In 2020, there were around 8'700 standard transactions.

Amount of INA standard transactions done on the INet-Server from 2001 until 2020 :