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Individual Number Allocation - Description

All Swiss Service & Directory Numbers are stored in the central database. You can manage INA numbers and tariffs or query the database for routing and billing purpose.

Every INA number gets an individual tariff profile. We distinguish between three types of tariffs :

    • online tariff classes: these need to be supported by all CDP-TSPs in their billing system (no XDR file exchange);
    • offline-a tariff classes: these imply that the INA-TSP must send XDR files (call charge records) to the CDP-TSP, but the CDP-TSP has the possibility to make the billing itself;
    • offline-b tariff classes: event-based charges which necessitate XDR file exchange as the CDP-TSP has no way to calculate the price of the call.
  • Are you interested in obtaining routing and billing information to Swiss INA numbers ?  You are a so-called CDP-TSP (Charging Determination Point)
    • you need an SSH connection to access to the INet files
    • you need to sign the Teldas user contract.
    • you need to focus on following documents: Overview INA-read only and SSH File Transfer Detailed Technical Specifications INA.
    • You are responsible to add the routing number (NPRN) of the INA TSP to the dialled INA number.
    • You are responsible to add your CDP-ID in front of the dialled INA number, i.e. the CDPn-ID or the CDPi-ID and you must ensure that the CDP-ID is correctly registered in your TSP Profile[uid]=9159.
    • You are responsible of updating your billing systems with the correct price per INA number (for online tariffs and for prepay for the industry standard tariffs) and to retrieve the XDR files sent to you by the INA-TSP (for offline tariffs).

The main usage you will be doing of the INet-Server is to :

  • retrieve information about the INA numbers in service (.lig files);
  • retrieve the tariff profiles (.ptb files for offline-b tariff classes and .ptp files for all other tariff classes);
  • dowload the XDR Files (call data records) sent by the INA-TSP for calls to numbers with non-online tariff classes.  
  • Do you want to take into service some INA numbers and manage their tariffs ?  You are a so-called INA-TSP.
    • you need to order an NPRN from OFCOM
    • in case you want to use non-online tariffs for your INA numbers, you need to put in place the XDR file transfer functionality, implying to have a wholesale billing contract with the CDP-TSPs and you need to take into consideration the individual download flag configurations of the CPD-TSPs.
    • you need to sign the Teldas user contract (note that you will not only need the INA contract, but also the ONP contract if you want to port in/out some INA numbers).
    • you need to focus on following documents: INA Document for Implementation, Graphical User Interface (GUI) INA- INet-Server User Manual WEB Client
    • You are responsible to follow the defined inter-operator processes for taking a number into service, modifying its tariff, etc.


We have detailed documentation describing the Individual Number Allocation processes, which you will need to consult. The documents are reviewed periodically by the different stakeholders and new versions are published on the Teldas Homepage, with the possibility for Users to subscribe to News notifications to be informed timely about changes.

You can find the main documents of interest related to the Individual Number Allocation (INA) service here.