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If you want to learn more about our Number Portability Service, we first advice you to consult our ONP FAQ section as well as our Overview ONP full service and Overview ONP read-only documents which gives you a good summary of the service. .

The main documents of interest related to the Number Portability service are:

Legal references

  • Check the OFCOM website to find all about regulatory obligations related to Number Portability, as well as information how to obtain a number portability routing number (NPRN).

User contracts

If you are interested in the Number Portability functionality offered by TELDAS, you should sign one of the following user contracts, but first we recommend you consult our FAQ "How to become a User":

  • ONP Benutzervertrag (German) or ONP User Contract (English): This is the standard contract that provides you with both the possibility to query the central database of ported numbers for routing purpose, as well as do your own portings (with a transaction fee for each porting).
  • ONP Zusatzvertrag (German) or ONP Supplementary contract (English): This contract must be signed additionally if you plan to use the porting information from the INet-Server for online database applications offered to Third Parties.
  • Note that the SLA ONP is an integral part of the User Contract ONP (Appendix 5): This is a multilateral SLA valid among operators being part of the ONP process, to ensure that the agreed timing and process is followed by all parties, so that quality of service can be offered to the end customers. SLA penalties are to be charged among operators directly, TELDAS being not involved in the billing process itself. You can find out about the user SLA contacts here.

Technical Documentation (only accessible for Teldas users)

User guides (only accessible for Teldas users)