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Subscriber Access Fee - Description

Users can download the monthly files provided by Swisscom with the detailed wholesale charges for the retail billing of the subscriber access line.

Swissom has the obligation, as incumbent operator, to offer to other Telecommunication Service Providers the possibility to charge their preselected customers for the monthly connection charge.

By signing a User contract with Teldas, you have the possibility to receive the customer connection charges in the form of a monthly VTA File Transfer of charge data records from Swisscom and thus it enables you to prepare a comprehensive bill for the end-customer, including the connection charges. In parallel, you must have activated the "Carrier Pre-Selection" attribute at Swisscom.

You can retrieve VTA Files for all of your Carrier Selection Codes (CSC) using the same User Account on the INet-Server. You must just annouce to the Teldas Helpdesk the different CSC for which VTA service must be activated.

Refer to the document Overview VTA for a quick start guide of the VTA service (only accessible for Teldas users).


We have detailed documentation describing the VTA processes, which you will need to consult. The documents are reviewed periodically by the different stakeholders and new versions are published on the Teldas Homepage, with the possibility for some documents to subscribe to News notifications to be informed timely about changes.

You can find the main documents of interest related to the VTA service here.