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If you want to learn more about our VTA Service, we first advice you to consult our VTA FAQ section as well as our Overview VTA document which gives you a good summary of the service.

The main documents related to the Subscriber Access Line service are:

Legal references

  • Check the OFCOM website to find all about regulatory obligations related to the retail billing of the subscriber Access Fee and about the Carrier Selection Codes (CSC)

  • You can also find useful information under the Swisscom website.

User contracts

If you are interested in the VTA functionality offered by TELDAS, you should sign one of the following user contracts, but first we recommend you to consult our FAQ "How to become a User":

  • VTA Benutzervertrag (German) or VTA User Contract (English): This is the standard contract that enables you to download your VTA files from the INet-Server.
  • In case you want to also use the INA functionalities of the INet-Server, you don't need to sign the VTA User contract but you can sign instead the INA Benutzervertrag (German) or INA User Contract (English), as VTA is already included in this contract.

Technical Documentation (only accessible for Teldas users)

User guides (only accessible for Teldas users)