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Headgroup's role

The Head Group is the body for all Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) as well as for the Regulator to deal with projects of common interests in the telecom business. Projects of common interests are mainly out of the regulatory environment with a particular focus on operator numberportability and value-added numbers. Any technical issue which requires an industry wide decision is subject ot be discussed in the Head Group. Commercial issues are out of scope of the Head Group. Furthermore the Head Group formulates recommendations to Teldas for the development of functionalities of the INet-Server, the central database for numberportability and value-added numbers.

The tasks of the Head Group are to define processes, common rules, technical frameworks, service level agreements which must be considered in the interconnection contracts or similar agreements as an industry standard. More under the Mandate of the Head Group...

Interested TSPs in participating to the meetings of the Head Group taking place about every six weeks or wishing to be informed of about the issues discussed may contact the chairman.


Anne-Catherine Christen

Next Meetings

Group Date Time Place Comments ICS
HG 09.09.2021 10:00-12:00 tbd Download ICS
Do not participate
Christen, Anne-Catherine, Teldas GmbH
Hofmann, Beat, BAKOM
König, Markus, BAKOM
Matthewson, Philip, Box Internet Services Sàrl
Preuss, Peter, VTX Services SA

Open Action Items

# Id Last update Status Assigned To Title Domain Target Date
AI 1165 10.03.2021 Commented Headgroup
(Headgroup members - All TSPs)
WS migration (SSH end of life) General 30.11.2020
AI 1164 18.09.2020 Commented Headgroup
(Beat Hofmann - OFCOM)
Interoperability obligation for 090x numbers INA 30.09.2020
AI 1147 18.09.2020 Commented Headgroup
(Headgroup members - All TSPs)
Electronic PoA in conjunction with "early termination penalty" case ONP 18.06.2020
Date Place Minutes Keeper Comments
17.02.2021 webcall Anne-Catherine Christen This webcall has as objective to validate the INet-Release 2021 scope.
Please register here to participate
18.09.2020 webcall Anne-Catherine Christen
27.03.2020 webcall Anne-Catherine Christen
20.09.2019 Sunrise Opfikon (Thurgauerstrasse 101B 8152 Glattpark - Big building behind the Renault car dealers Gérard Covolo many parking spaces below the building. 1st floor is for visitors

meeting room on ground floor “Sunrise STAGE” area. Room name: “Basel”.
29.03.2019 Swisscom Worblaufen B1/0.10 (Konferenzraum 2) Liliane Ackle For parking space, please contact Gérard Covolo at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting